5 Ways To Create A Safer Reception Area That Helps Reduce The Spread of Covid-19

Posted by OfficeAnything on Aug 26th 2020

In 2020, businesses have been forced to adapt their interiors to encourage social distancing and cleanliness. If you're looking for ways to fight the spread of Covid-19 for you and your office guests, the best place to start is in the waiting room and reception area. Today on the blog we'll highlight 5 great ideas that will help you create a safer welcoming space.

1.) Hand Sanitizing Stations

hand sanitizing station

You should place a hand sanitizing station right outside the doors of your business. Many times, visitors will miss the station, so it helps to put a sign up that says something along the lines of "Please Sanitize" before entering. Hand sanitizing stations are affordable and essential. You can pick up a high quality one for around $130.00.

2.) Temperature Screening

temperature screening station

Hospitals and schools are checking temperatures before allowing guests to enter, so why shouldn't we do the same? They're doing it to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to ensure smart safety protocols. Temperature screening stations are a great option for your guest welcoming space. They reduce the spread of germs while taking temps. Pair this with your hand sanitizing station and you're well on your way to a safer space.

3.) Sneeze Guards

mirella reception desk with sneeze guard

Once guests have entered your waiting room, the'll likely head for the reception desk to check in. Equipping your station with a sneeze guard is a great way to further prevent the spread and transmission of germs. Clear acrylic sneeze guards are affordable and very effective in the fight against Covid-19.

4.) Easy To Clean Seating

easy to clean leather waiting room furniture

As frequently as possible you should be wiping down your seating. With fabric chairs, it's very hard to get your seating surfaces clean. We recommend leather and vinyl seating solutions that can be easily wiped down and cleaned quickly. You might even consider making the switch to polypropylene guest chairs in 2020. They're very durable and extremely popular for commercial settings.

5.) Dividers & Partitions

room dividers for reception area

Last but not least, room dividers and space partitions are a great way to promote social distancing in your reception area. Brands like Global are paving the way with modular partitions that can be moved as needed from space to space. Their linking partition panels for can be placed between lounge chairs, attached to walls, or utilized in open spaces. They're available in extensive sizes and attractive finish options that won't take away from the appeal of your interior. 

Looking for more ways to create a safer reception area? We've got you covered. Here's a list of 6 additional tips and practices to help...

Encourage Mask Wearing

Wipe Down Surfaces Regularly

6' Spacing Lines and Seating Arrangements

Read and Understand CDC Guidelines

Create A Covid-19 Response Plan

Encourage Sick Employees To Stay Home

Minimize Face-To-Face Interaction