Office Dividers & Privacy Panels

Have you ever felt like your place of business had plenty of space but it wasn’t being used quite right? Office dividers give you the freedom to divvy up different parts of a large room into smaller ones, which can help you to give your employees their very own office without ever having to put up a physical wall.

At Office Anything, we have a wide collection of privacy panels and other accouterments that can help you keep everything working smoothly as your business grows.

Office Partitions for Growing Companies

If you want to redefine the way that your company uses its office space, then you’ll definitely want to check out these popular options.

Bush ProPanels 4 Person Open Cubicle

Bush offers a complete line of office cubicles that can be deployed in a wide variety of situations, but these large four-person ones are probably some of the best for those who are trying to keep up with a fast-growing business that needs to add more office space without actually having to rent additional floors of the building that you’re in. They feature extremely durable extruded frames that come trimmed over with panels that are covered in fabric. All of the interiors are made from a rigid supply of engineered wood.

Freestanding Clear Acrylic Wellness Screen

In order to prevent infection, you can place one of these special plastic office dividers in any location where people might end up speaking to someone. They stand up straight by themselves, which is perfect for those who have dedicated help desks or other pieces of standalone office furniture that require people to be in close proximity to one another when using it. That’s also great for retail settings and even the education market.

Global Wellness Screening and Consultation Booth

Organizations that provide special areas for use by healthcare professionals or retail and service experts can rely on these room dividers to provide them with a safe space to consult with one another on a case-by-case basis. They’re easy to wipe clean and come with a protected speaker hole for an additional level of safety. Those who want to attach them to additional panels shouldn’t experience any difficulty doing so, either. This gives managers the freedom to arrange their cubicles in a pattern that best fits their needs.

Business Furniture ProPanels Office Partitions

Users of these professional-looking panels can create their own custom configuration regardless of the size and shape of the room that they’re trying to divvy up. These are perfect for dividing workstations or setting aside areas for dedicated storage. Since they’re completely opaque and can eliminate visual distractions, you could also use them to create temporary meeting spaces. That makes them an ideal solution for those who want to have a place to communicate with clients even if they don’t have a designated area in their place of business.
Whether you need office furniture or dedicated dividers, make sure to contact Office Anywhere online so we can get you the materials you need as your business grows.