8 Signs Your Office Is Outdated

Posted by OfficeAnything on Aug 19th 2019

ambarella chair
Best Office Chair Under $250

If you're looking around the office and wondering if it's time for a few upgrades, it probably is. Today on the blog we'll highlight 8 key ways to determine wether or not your interiors are outdated. From old office chairs to stationary tables, outdated interiors will drag down corporate appeal while limiting your ability to collaborate and operate at peak performance levels.

1.) Old, Faded, and Uncomfortable Seating

Wether in the reception area, on the work floor, or in the executive office, old chairs stand out like a sore thumb. If you're currently staring at faded fabric upholsteries and chairs that look like they belong in a museum, your interiors are definitely outdated. The good news is, there's plenty of cool new chairs out there that won't break the bank. Ergonomic task chairs from reputable brands like iDesk and Offices To Go are available for less than $300.00.

2.) Powerless Conference Room

mirella table
Powered Table with Standing Surface

If you're still wheeling in a squeaky AV cart to host multi-media presentations, your conference room is outdated. Rest assured, powered conference tables are the way of the future and your competitors are making the switch. A powered conference room table like the Mirella from Safco will take your corporate gathering sessions to the next level. Further power up your conference room with the addition of a wall mounted flat screen TV so that you can kick that AV cart to the curb!

3.) Wood Veneer Furniture

It's bulky, heavy, and expensive! Wood veneer furniture will always have a place in upscale executive interiors and traditionally inspired work environments. That being said, it's a bit dated and laminate solutions have taken over the market. Of the top 10 best office furniture collections on the market, all of them are laminate. Here's a few to consider...

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Popular Laminate Desk Collections

4.) Taupe, Cream, and Beige Paint

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your office. Taupe, cream, and beige tones will not! In 2019, the cool color options that are acceptable in the workplace are pretty much limitless. Show a little design prowess by adding a touch of color or even an accent wall. Grays, blues, and greens will make your interiors feel vibrant and alive instead of lifeless and boring. As painting is very affordable, this is one enhancement you can't afford to skip.

5.) High Wall Cubicles

You'll typically see high wall cubicles used in call centers where noise reduction is essential. If you see them anywhere else, it's time for an upgrade. Today's collaborative benching systems from brands like Global and Mayline are the next generation of work floor furniture. Collaborative benching creates clean sight lines while encouraging employee interaction and improved communication.

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Cool Storage Products

6.) Metal File Cabinets

Metal file cabinets, especially vertical file cabinets are like dinosaurs in the workplace. They must have sentimental value as businesses never seem to get rid of them. Once you see some of the cool new storage solutions available in 2019, those gigantic paper weights are history. Today's cabinets can be used to enhance corporate appeal while simultaneously improving storage. All of the hottest furniture collections offer file cabinets, pedestals, and storage cabinets to match the desks and other components within the series. Create a little fluidity throughout your interior and donate those dated cabinets asap.

7.) Desktop Monitors

Take a lap around the office. Are you seeing computers sitting atop desk surfaces on factory bases? If so, this is a key indicator that your interiors are dated. Your competitors are using monitor arms that improve ergonomic functionality while simultaneously creating usable desk space. Dual screen mounts are even better. They improve the rate at which workers compute by cutting down on the time spent flipping between tabs. Factors monitor stands offer very little in terms of adjustability. Without the ability to raise your screen up to eye level, you'll be spending a lot of time looking down and straining your neck. Awesome single and dual monitor mounts are available for less than $200.00 from brands like Safco, Systematix, and Symmetry Office.

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Modular Office Tables

8.) Stationary Tables

Pretty much every table on the scene today is available with wheels. Why you ask? Versatility! Stationary tables are hard to move and businesses are typically left with a fixed layout that can only serve one purpose. Mobile tables and modular tables make it easy to adapt on the fly. In training and classroom settings, they're the only way to go. The ability to quickly fold down tops, nest tables together, and move them in groups is priceless. If your worried about stability and keeping things together, don't be. Casters lock when needed to keep configurations where you want them.