Back To Work: 7 Essential Products For Improved Productivity

Posted by OfficeAnything on May 8th 2020

Many of us have starting returning to the workplace. While why adjust to the new normal, we can strive to improve productivity and overall health with the right combination of ergonomically correct products. Today on the blog we'll showcase 7 workplace solutions from industry leading brands that will help you do just that.

1.) The Right Ergonomic Chair

wyatt roswell chair

Selecting the right office chair for your specific ergonomic needs and body type is essential. The truth is, the best chair for you may not be the best chair for me. We're all different and that's okay! We're proud to offer professional seating solutions from reputable brands like Global, Wyatt Seating, and Eurotech. If you'd like help selecting an ergonomic chair to improve posture and relieve back pain, feel free to reach out to one of our experts.

2.) A Professional Sit To Stand Workstation

patriot height adjustable desk made in the usa

You can take personal performance, health, and productivity to the next level with a high quality sit to stand desk that encourages continuous movement. As we sit for hours on end, blood flow is restricted and fatigue sets in. Sit to stand desks make it easy to stay active at the push of a button. We recommend lines from Special-T like Liberty and Patriot. They offer excellent sit to stand solutions that are made in the USA.

3.) Mobile Privacy Screens

mobile privacy screen

Privacy screens are going to be a new and essential part of the modern workplace. Most will just be attached to work surfaces, which is perfect find. That being said, businesses looking to think outside the box and become a bit more versatile will love mobile privacy screens like the PSP635FRK from Bush Business Furniture. This acrylic screen can be used in front of reception desks, in conference rooms, classrooms, and so much more. Writing pads can also be added to take down important notes and collaborate with team members.

4.) Portable Power Modules

isle power tower

The demand for AC and USB inputs is at an all time high. Wether you're simply looking to help office visitors charge devices while they wait, or you need inputs in your conference room to conduct meetings effectively, portable power modules are a must. We recommend solutions from Global like the Isle and Vesta. If you're looking for something smaller to clamp onto your personal desk, check out the FlexCharge4 from ESI.

5.) Standing Height Conference Table

standing conference table

With a standing height conference table you can encourage healthy collaboration throughout important meetings. If you're hosting extended gatherings you'll probably want to invest in task stools to provide your visitors with support. As standing tables for conference room use go, the options are still pretty limited as this trend is just starting to emerge. None the less, the absolute best option on the market is without a doubt Mirella. This ultra popular line offers standing conference room tables in a variety of sizes and designer finishes.

6.) Multi Screen Computing Solutions

dual screen monitor arm

Two, three, and even four screen monitor arms are becoming extremely popular in fast paced work environments. We're even seeing a large number of home office workers investing in dual screen monitor arms to help them cut down on the time spent flipping back and forth between open documents. Dual monitor arms like those from the ESI Evolve collection can be clamped on to most surfaces and install within minutes. They'll help you reduce visual strain while simultaneously creating usable operating space.

7.) Portable Perch Stools

ergonomic perch stool

If you don't like the idea of sharing chairs as you move from space to space throughout the day, personal perch stools like the Thrive from Bush Business Furniture are a must consider. Perch stools are lightweight and surprisingly comfortable. Vinyl perch stools are an excellent option for physicians and healthcare workers. The best part about perch stools is that they're ergonomically correct and encourage continuous posture changes.