Office Design Trends 2020: The Cool New Products You Need To Work Safely & Effectively

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jun 29th 2020

Industry leading brands have been hard at work in 2020 crafting elite workplace solutions designed for safety and productivity. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll take a look at trend setting products that are changing the way we work and interact while adapting to the "new normal".

Linking Panels

linking panels

The demand for modular privacy panels that can be linked together is at an all time high. Brands like Global are paving the way with 54" and 60" high modular panels that promote social distancing and healthier spaces. Linking panels from Global are available in multiple widths to meet the needs of any space. You can even choose from a variety of fixed and mobile base styles.

Screening Booths

screening booths

In addition to modular panels, Global is also turning heads with their innovative screening booths. These personal stations are ideal for healthcare, retail, and customer service environments. Screening booths provide the frontline protection needed for workers to operate confidently while engaging with visitors.

High Panel Cluster Desks

panel furniture

As workers return to the office, high wall panel furniture systems are generating a renewed popularity that's very well deserved. Collections like Easy Office from Bush Business Furniture are a must consider for open spaces. The high panel walls encourage social distancing in the workplace. If you don't have the ability to offer private spaces for workers (which most don't), high wall panel desks are a great alternative that will keep your open areas safer.

Acrylic Desk Dividers

desk with acrylic dividers

If you're looking to avoid all new office furniture but still want to create a barrier between workers to keep them safe, check out the acrylic dividers from brands like Offices To Go. They work with most surfaces, but primarily those from the Superior Laminate Collection. Acrylic dividers can be installed on conference table tops, reception counters, desks and more.

Portable Screens

portable acrylic screen

You'll likely have difficulty finding portable screens in stock. Most of our most popular brands are completely sold out. The good news is, we do expect inventories to be replenished soon! Portable screens that can be used atop surfaces are a great way to prevent the spread of germs while interacting with coworkers and customers. They're affordable, versatile, and just plain smart to have around right now.

Personal Power Modules

These days it's smart to avoid sharing power outlets when possible. Brands like Special-T are making it easy to just do that with clamp on modules like the Burele. This simple and easy to use unit is available for just $145.00. You can dual USB receptacles for another $45.00. The Burele power module is one of many new units available on the market today.

Portable Perch Stools

portable perch stool

Businesses are encouraging workers to avoid sharing chairs when possible. The problem is, we all need a place to sit! Enter portable perch stools! Brands like Global, Bush Business Furniture, OFM, and Safco all offer really awesome portable perch stools that don't cost a fortune. Perch stools are lightweight, encourage continuous posture changes, and provide the support you need throughout busy days when staying in just one space isn't practical.

Collaborative Standing Tables

collaborative standing table

Businesses are making the switch to standing height conference tables in 2020. Check out this popular option from the Mirella collection! It's available with power and perfect for collaborative while staying active. Add a couple of acrylic divider screens down the middle and you've got your safe a healthy space to gather and strategize with coworkers.