What Makes A Great Big & Tall Chair?

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jul 9th 2019

robust chair
2526 Robust Chair by Global

Not all big and tall office chairs are created equal. Very few are ready to meet the demands of the modern work day. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the best big and tall chairs on the market. These seating solutions offer the heavy duty components and adjustment features needed to truly accommodate larger individuals and provide reliable support.

Extra Wide Seat and Back

This first thing you'll notice on all best selling big and tall chairs is the extra wide seat and back. Extra seating seating space makes for a comfortable operating experience that operators appreciate. If you're shopping for a big and tall chair, always be sure to check the dimensions before making your purchase. Having enough seat and back area to accommodate you is crucial.

Extra Wide Big and Tall Chairs:

  • ESS-200 by OFM
  • Robust Chair by Global
  • Sierra by RFM Seating
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder
stratus chair
Stratus Chair by OFM

The pneumatic cylinder connects the chair base to the mechanism under the seat. Needless to say, it needs to be strong. Most standard ergonomic office chairs come equipped with a pneumatic cylinder that's rated for 250 pounds. This simply won't cut it for big and tall users. When shopping for a new big and tall office chair for your space, be sure to check the weight rating on the pneumatic cylinder. The best big and tall chairs have pneumatic cylinders rated for users between 350 and 500 pounds.

Chairs with Heavy Duty Mechanisms:

  • Altus by KI
  • Avenger by OFM
  • Optimus by Safco

Sturdy Base and Frame

You don't want to invest in a big and tall chair that feels flimsy. When shopping, it's absolutely imperative to check reviews. You'll also want to check for demo videos online. Most reputable office chair brands offer them on YouTube. If possible, take the time to visit a showroom in your area. There's no substitute for testing chairs in person. It's hard to judge how sturdy a chair will be from a picture on the internet. That's why we advise doing as much research as possible before making your final selection.

Ways To Tell If A Chair Is Sturdy:

  • Look for metal components instead of plastic
  • Check the weight rating
  • Watch demo videos
  • Read reviews
  • Ask the professionals
sierra chair
Sierra Chair by RFM

User Friendly Controls

If you're reading this post from your office chair, reach underneath the seat. Can you easily locate and adjust your chair via the mechanism levers? All too often, big and tall users have trouble utilizing the very features they invested in to provide comfort. When shopping for a new big and tall chair, be on the lookout for chairs with small controls that are far too low to access easily and regularly throughout the workday.

Chair Controls Should Be...

  • Located close to the seat
  • Long enough to reach without straining
  • Easy to pull with minimal effort

Supportive Seat Cushion

In the long run, it all comes down to comfort. If you don't like the way a chair feels, it doesn't matter how "high quality" it is. That being said, the chair seat lays the foundation for a comfortable work day. Shop for a big and tall chair with ample padding. Most shoppers tend to lean towards chairs that are a bit firm without feeling overly stiff.

Comfortable Big and Tall Chairs:

  • TruForm by Global
  • ORO by OFM
  • Pilot by KI
pilot chair
Pilot Chair by KI

Firm Back

Much like the seat cushion, big and tall chair shoppers should be on the lookout for reliable big and tall chairs with firm backs. If you're wanting a modern mesh chair for your big and tall needs, be sure to select one from a reputable brand. All too often we see flimsy big and tall mesh chairs that simply aren't ready for the demands of the modern work day. Awesome mesh options are available from brands like OFM. Fabric and leather big and tall seating solutions are more widely available.

Best Big & Tall Mesh Chairs:

  • Altus by KI
  • BT350 by Eurotech
  • Stratus by OFM

Manufacturer Warranty

Last but certainly not least, be sure to invest in a big and tall chair that's backed by a reliable factory warranty. Brands like KI, Safco, and Eurotech Seating will back your chairs components against defects to ensure you're able to enjoy top notch support and functionality for years.

What To Avoid When Shopping for A Big & Tall Chair:

  • Lot's of plastic components
  • Flimsy mesh backs
  • Chairs without a warranty
  • Cheap upholsteries
bt350 chair
BT350 by Eurotech

Wondering what you should expect to spend on a good big and tall chair? We've got you covered. Awesome options are available on the market in 2019 for around $350.00 and up. You can certainly spend well over $1,000.00, but you definitely don't have to.

Big and Tall Chair Recommendations by Price:

  • In our opinion the best big and tall chair buy under $400.00 is the BT350 from Eurotech. It's available with free shipping for $338.00. 
  • A good mid-range big and tall chair is the ORO200 from OFM. It's available for $638.99 and features a versatile tablet arm for improved functionality. 
  • If you want to step things up a notch, the 8536 model Sierra chair from RFM is hard to beat. Wide seating surfaces and a heavy duty frame make for an exceptional sit.
  • One big and tall chair worth splurging on is the 2526 model from the Global Robust seating collection. While expensive, a 500 lb. weight capacity, user friendly ergonomic adjustment features, and an integrated headrest work in harmony to create one of the best options on the market.