6 Ways To Modernize Your Office Interiors In 2022

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 10th 2022

The new year is in full swing and industry leading furniture manufacturers are paving the way for innovative interiors built for productivity, safety, and collaboration. Today on the blog we'll showcase 6 trending ways to modernize office interiors.

Standing Conference Tables

standing conference table

In 2022 standing conference tables will dominate the market. Why you ask? First and foremost they're cool! That help make interiors look modernized and upscale. They are also great for collaboration. With a standing height conference table you also promote continuous posture changes while reducing the need for extended sits around traditional boardroom tables.

Poly Seating

polypropylene office seating

We love polypropylene seating solutions from reputable brands like Safco, KI, and Friant. With polypropylene office seating you can add a splash of color to any space. Polypropylene chairs are also super easy to wipe clean and offer unrivaled durability compared to traditional fabric seating solutions. Poly chairs are a must consider for training rooms, reception areas, and break room spaces in 2022.

Mobile Whiteboards and Partitions

mobile whiteboard partition

Wether you're looking to promote social distancing or just need a great way to jot down good ideas during meetings, mobile whiteboards and partitions are a great option. They serve multiple purposes, can be moved anywhere and provide far more versatility than traditional wall mount options.

Cutting Edge Ergonomic Chairs

x-chair office chair

These days everybody wants the latest and greatest office chairs. As comfort is more important as ever, a high quality chair is worth its weight in gold around the workplace. Cutting edge ergonomic chairs from brands like X-Chair are distinctive, versatile, and super easy to adjust on the fly to ensure good posture. We highly recommend making the switch. You'll be glad you did.

Perch Stools

ergonomic perch stool

With the increased demand for standing height desks and tables, ergonomic perch stools are hotter than ever in 2022. They're affordable, comfortable, and great for staying active. Most of the perch stools on the market today are even portable. 

Ergonomic Executive Desks

ergonomic executive desk

If you don't like the idea of a large sit to stand attachment mounted to the top of your expensive desk top, you're not alone. When remodeling interiors in 2022, you'll definitely want to check out the hottest ergonomic executive desks from brands like Global. They raise and lower at the push of a button to encourage motion in the workplace. They also offer an incognito look that's sure to help you space looking clean and classy.