Office Design: Buzzwords To Know In 2019

Posted by OfficeAnything on Apr 9th 2019

When tackling an office makeover project, you'll certainly want to be up to date with the latest industry trends to ensure you maximize your space for productivity and functionality. That's where buzzwords come in! Each year, new buzzwords are used to reflect the latest and greatest ways to refine interiors. Today on the blog, we'll cover the hottest buzzwords to know in 2019.

1.) Collaboration

Open Concept Benching

It's all about collaboration! From the work floor to the training room, new and innovative products are hitting the market that encourage interaction while sparking creativity. Collaborative benching systems are a nice alternative to traditional cubicle layouts as they make it easy for employees to converse and toss around fresh ideas. Connectable tables are great for conference and training areas as they simplify the ability to configure collaborative layouts fro groups of any size. If you're taking on an office makeover project in 2019, don't forget about the value of collaboration.

2.) Active

Ergonomic Active Stool

You'll be hearing the word "active" thrown around a lot during 2019. Active stools, tables, and desks are the latest craze. They encourage continuous movement in the workplace that keeps the blood flowing. Popular active stools like the Vivo from OFM and the Mogo from Safco come in handy around the office. They make nice additions to remodeling projects as they're lightweight, portable, and perfect for workers on the go. Active stools promote continuous posture changes while simultaneously relieving knee pressure.

3.) Sit-To-Stand

electric sit to stand desk - mayline medina collection

The sit-to-stand buzzword is nothing new, but you'll be hearing it more than even in 2019. Height adjustable desks, tables, and accessories that encourage sit to stand transitioning have become must haves. They'll help you stay active while reducing fatigue and improving posture. Many of the newest U-shaped desks hitting the scene come with built in returns that provide workers with sit-to-stand capabilities. If you're looking for something a bit more high end, check out the electric sit-to-stand desks for sale from the Mayline Medina and Aberdeen collections. They raise and lower smoothly at the push of a button.

4.) Modular

Modular Waiting Room Furniture

Here's another buzzword that's been around forever. That being said, modular is taking on a whole new meaning in 2019. Modular used to be associated with U shaped desks that featured reversible returns. Pretty straight forward and basic. This year it's referring to so much more. Even today you should be on the lookout for modular training tables and even modular waiting room furniture from top brands. Modular products help maximize square footage and operational functionality while improving the visitor experience.

5.) Gray

Gray Office Furniture

Can a color really be a buzzword? Absolutely! Gray office furniture and seating is hot in 2019. It's worth mentioning that traditional finishes like Cherry and Mahogany will always have their place. That said, shoppers looking for ways to modernize interiors will definitely want to check out gray office furniture from Mayline's Sterling collection and BBF's Studio C collection.

6.) Nesting

nesting tables

The term "nesting" refers to flip seat chairs and flip top tables that can be staged along perimeter walls when not in use. Nesting products can also be moved easily in groupings to save time while simplifying space reconfiguration. If you're tackling a classroom and training area makeovers, nesting components are the way to go.

7.) Power

powered conference table

Nearly every piece of furniture on the planet is now being offered with some form of power option designed to improve operational functionality. You'll see the "power" buzzword used most commonly in conference room settings. If you're planning to invest in a new conference table for your business, make sure to consider helpful surface level power options like USB and HDMI ports. They'll help streamline your meetings in a flash.