What's New? Professional Conference Tables From Enwork!

Posted by OfficeAnything on Nov 20th 2020

The team at Enwork has really taken their product offering to the next level in 2020. The cutting edge conference room tables from this industry leader could not be more impressive. Today on the blog we'll take a look at a few of the hottest table collections Enwork has to offer. No matter the size, shape, or finish you're looking for, Enwork has a table to meet your specific needs.


zori conference table

First up is the Enwork Zori table collection. This contemporary line offers clean and professional tables that won't break the bank. Zori tables feature easy to clean laminate operating surfaces that pair with attractive metal bases that are available in 5 finish options.


equilibrium table

Talk about wow factor! The top of the line conference tables from the Enwork Equilibrium collection offer heavy duty metal bases that are built to last. The ultra modern Equilibrium standing height conference table options from Enwork are a bit pricey, but there's nothing like them on the market today. If you're looking to design a truly elite interior, the Equilibrium collection is a must consider.


enwork foundation table

Simple, professional, and just the right amount of modern! The tables from the Enwork Foundation collection will lay the groundwork for a great meeting space. Foundation tables feature laminate operating surfaces and unique legs. This 8' Enwork Foundation conference table is available in 15 finish options for just $1200.00.


lugano height adjustable conference table

If you want the absolute best for your conference room and won't settle for less, check out the cutting edge tables from the Enwork Lugano collection. These electric height adjustable conference tables raise and lower at the push of a button. Enwork Lugano height adjustable conference tables encourage continuous movement throughout extended meetings to improve blood flow while reducing fatigue.


sawhorse conference table

We love the tables from the Enwork Sawhorse collection. They're affordable, practical, and won't overpower your space. These professional tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finish options to meet your needs. Sawhorse tables offer a look that's sure to be in style for years to come. These tables can also be configured for training room applications.