Curved Reception Desks for Sale

Curved reception desks for sale. Shop curved front reception desks at over 50% off retail. Our selection of curved reception desks for sale includes popular welcome stations from the OFM Marque series.

Modern Rounded Reception Desks

When you design your business’s reception area, you want to also master the first impression on your guests. A waiting room can inspire calm and happy anticipation if one perfects the decor. The right office furniture can help with that. Whether you want to reassure patients that they are in good hands and the medical staff will care for them, or to communicate to business partners of your confidence and professionalism, your reception desk will dominate the room. It’s all the more important that you choose the right one, to set the tone for upcoming meetings. At OfficeAnything, we’ll have the perfect match for your office.

A curved reception desk balances practicality with design to make a good first impression. The rounded edges look welcoming from every angle. People prefer round shapes and circles, which are soothing to the eye. This design reassures visitors who are sitting in all corners of the room. It also serves as a useful working station for the receptionist, who has more room to use it as an office desk while managing calls and schedules. You’ll have a happier employee, which means you’ll have more work output from them and comforted visitors.

The curved reception desks for sale here are available in trendsetting finish options to help compliment your welcoming area decor. All of our curved reception desks include free shipping for added value

Our Recommendations for Curved Reception Counters

OfficeAnything wants to provide affordable office furniture on a budget. We prioritize your convenience and satisfaction and welcome any feedback. You also do not require tools to assemble the models listed below, which will save time and labor costs.

Our Marque models are a particularly good brand, with sizes and accommodations for all users. These reception desks also come with silver wire frames and in three wooden color finishes -- cherry, walnut, and maple-- so that it can easily match your waiting room decor. If you prefer a neutral color, then we have white.

We have a wide array of bestselling modern reception desks. Our Marque collection is very popular; for offices that have smaller spaces and a tighter budget, we recommend the Marque Curved Reception Station 55310 with Maple Finish and Plexi Front by OFM. The curved reception desk dimensions are 44.5” by 69.5”, with 28.75” available for the work surface. A Plexiglass surface reflects high quality and safety.

If you need a reception desk that focuses on accommodation, especially for disabled employees, then the 55490 Marque ADA Reception Station by OFM will allow for higher productivity. This desk meets ADA regulations so that wheelchair users can sit comfortably and do their work. You will show your guests that you can meet their needs automatically.

Another ADA compliant station and a two-person reception desk is the Marque Series Curved ADA Reception Desk by OFM. For guests that need to do paperwork at a desk, this model allows for multiple users to sit and fill out the information, with room for computers or clipboards. Doctors may like this for patients that require time to sit down and relax aching limbs.

If you want to invest in a full circle, we have reception desks that fall within the curve, such as the OFM 5-Unit Marque Series Circular Reception Station. With work dimensions of 142" by 44.5", this desk will fit into any office reception space and reflect pure elegance.

Reception Desks with Curved Fronts

Thank you for shopping curved front reception desks for sale. is proud to offer the best-selling reception desks with contoured fronts that look great from any angle. Our selection of curved front reception desks for sale includes best selling options from the OFM Marque collection.

We in the provision of high-quality reception furniture including curved front check-in desks in fashionable finish options like white, walnut, and cherry. The curved front reception stations for sale here are backed by factory warranties to ensure quality.

All of the curved front reception desks for sale at include free shipping. Your orders may also arrive in as soon as 48 hours, which is perfect for offices assembling on tight schedules. If you're purchasing a curved front reception desk in addition to seating for your guest waiting area, you may qualify for your bulk discount. Contact our team today.

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