Small Reception Desks for Sale

Do you have small office space, perhaps an open-floor plan instead of a separate reception area? You don’t need to get a bulky reception desk if a waiting room or space cannot support one. Shop space-saving reception stations at over 50 percent off retail. Here you'll find discounts on welcome desks for tight spaces from brands like Offices To Go, Cherryman, and Bush Business Furniture.

Our selection of small reception desks for sale includes modern, traditional, and contemporary styles that will help you make a lasting impression. You can go baroque or colonial, or even surprise your guests with Art Deco.

Just because you’re limited on space, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a fashionable guest check-in area that’s up to date with the latest trends. Your guests will appreciate the aesthetics.

All of our small reception desks include free shipping for added value. Price matching available on select models and we offer same-day quotations.

Reception Desks For Small Office Welcoming Areas

Thank you for shopping our selection of small reception desks for sale. Office Anything specializes in the provision of guest welcome desks for tight spaces when you don’t have sufficient surface area. Our experts comb various brands to find the right sizes, especially for receptionists that use walking aids. Here you’ll find popular reception desks for small areas that don’t lack in terms of style!

All of the small reception desks for sale here are backed by factory warranties and include free shipping for added value. Receive a desk in as soon as 48 hours, just in time before the next workday. You can get a great deal on a high-quality desk and receive more at a lower price, especially on desks with a vast amount of finish options. Why not try an Office Anything discount?

We can always recommend Cherryman as a brand, for how they create luxury with wooden desks and chairs. The Cherryman Verde Series Reception Desk is a great example of craftsmanship, made of high-quality bamboo. It is designed to maximize storage potential within a small space.

Get a medium or dark mahogany stain, and never worry about stains with the laminated surface. It cleans easily and has ample legroom for your receptionists and guests. You can add matching Cherryman components such as chairs or extensions.

The Offices To Go Superior Laminate Reversible L Shaped Reception Desk is another good choice when you want a desk that can align depending on your waiting area’s logistics. There are five different finishes, along with a scratch-resistant, laminated surface. Use the file pedestal locks to store confidential information.

When you want a desk that is luxurious and compact, Mayline Napoli Modern Reception Desk represents this idea perfectly. It has a glass surface that is sturdy so that guests can fill out their paperwork as they see fit. Choose from three finish options to match the desk to any reception area palette. Two pedestals allow you to get organized and ensure that there is a flexible arrangement.

When selecting a small reception desk for your business, keep operational space and storage in mind. Always measure the available surface area, and see who will be using it. Receptionists may have different needs, so account for if they have sufficient access to paperwork and legroom.

All of the small reception desks for sale here are available with matching pedestals, cabinets, and accessories designed to improve efficiency. Just because your reception area is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable and functional!

Upgrade Your Office Furniture With Office Anything

Office Anything has been a longstanding purveyor of luxury office furniture. We choose pieces fit for a standard workplace, or for your designated office at home. No matter the occasion, you can find exactly what you wish, especially in reception desks. Our experts will assist when you have trouble deciding between several options, or when you have a specific workplace need.

Need help selecting a small reception desk for your guest welcoming area? Contact our space planning experts directly and receive advice on how to furnish and decorate. We’ll provide you with the product suggestions, design tips, and ideas needed to help you maximize your square footage on a budget.