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You want to create a positive first impression on your clients and visitors. They need to spend time in the reception area before meeting you or your coworkers. Each time we visit a new place, we get solid memories that we find hard to forget. That memory could affect their impression of you and your business.

Office Anything Modern Reception Desk Recommendations

Here at Office Anything, we know how to design your reception area. Do you want affordable pieces that add luxury to your space? We have you covered and can refine that first impression. Our specialists have a few years of experience with decor and furniture matching.

Need to keep it simple but fashionable? The Mayline Aberdeen Small Modern Reception Desk is good for when you have a small office and a secretary with fewer work needs. This is also one of our most popular items. Get your furniture in four finishes, in light and dark finishes to go with your decor. Add optional wall cabinets and pedestals for when your business expands and you need to increase storage. You won’t be disappointed.

When a secretary needs time to get organized, the Cherryman Amber Series AM-400N Reception Desk with Glass Transaction Top can help with that. This L-shaped desk fits neatly into room corners and has six laminated finishes that allow for matching with any office decor and reducing need for cleanup.

To dominate the room proactively, and allow for multiple employees to work at once, get the Cherry Finished Marque Triple Reception Station. Various sizes accommodate multiple room sizes and can accentuate your reception’s design.You don’t even need tools for assembly, and get matching optional storage.

Reception Desk Features

You want visitor’s feedback and possible reviews to reflect who you are and what you can provide. Thus, a reception area needs to have an aura of welcome and positivity. You also need to figure out what message to deliver with the design: cozy, professional, comforting, and so forth. Appropriate decor and furniture can help with developing your reception atmosphere.

A reception desk must set the tone for the room. Regardless of your business, the desk creates a focal center for your waiting area. It will dominate the room, and visitors will approach it first to check-in and confirm their appointments. You want a reception desk to communicate volumes, of reassurance and professionalism.

More practically speaking, your receptionist or secretary needs space where they can do their work. A secretary holds all the power with appointments, and who can or can’t see people at your business. If they are happy, then your daily schedule will go more smoothly. In some cases, they also serve as a line of security to verify visitors’ identities. They need a desk that can hold computers for scheduling, identifying visitors, and redirecting phone calls. You want your secretary to have the room to do their job and to own the room.

Different room sizes and secretarial needs can determine desk types. If your receptionist only needs minimal space to answer calls and schedule appointments, a single surface desk can serve that purpose. An L-shaped and U-shaped desk provides more room for computers and files, while U-shaped desks allow for more people to sit and work. If you have multiple employees that need space in the waiting area, round reception desks will assist them. We even have desks for ADA compliance, that accommodate people with disabilities.

Our discount modern reception desks offer the trend-setting design characteristics needed to make great first impressions. Take a look to see what affordable luxury can spruce your waiting area. Save up to 50% today.

Finding A Modern Reception Desk For Your Office Space

If you were feeling poetic, then you could say that all modern reception stations are not created equal. There are a wide variety of styles, many of which are designed to fit in with a specific type of ethos. For instance, a floating glass top reception station would look great in an office that’s trying to project something of a futuristic look. These offer you a choice of relatively neutral colors, which has made them a top pick for places that make their clients sign in when they enter the facility.

A series of 72″ and 84″ floating stations have come on the market over the years, which has helped to keep the line fresh while also ensuring that there are plenty of different kinds of desks out there to fit every business need. In fact, you may find that modern reception desks aren’t even just the purview of the business world. They’re widely used throughout different industries and might even find their way into the education market.

Modern Reception Desks For Academic Buyers

Let’s say that you managed a local community college or an equivalent community center. There’s a good chance that you’ll need to manage an intake of people who enter the building and have to request permission to visit a specific location. If that’s the case, then you need to have a dedicated station from which to do so. Give your receptionist the freedom to do their job from a convenient place by investing in one of these stations. Assuming that you pick out one that’s the right hue and look, it shouldn’t even have a jarring visual impact on the space around you.

Others in the education market may end up finding some unusual uses for these, including the ability to fit them into other kinds of rooms. Even though a modern reception desk might be labeled as such, that doesn’t mean that they’re exclusively for use by reception crews.

You could theoretically use one to give some sort of specialist an ample place. Others might end up using them to provide an intake position for their small business operation.

Using A Modern Reception Desk In A Smaller Space

Assume that you were managing an organization that didn’t have much of an area to bring in your clients. If that were the case, then you’d definitely want to make sure that your team has sufficient space. By investing in a modern reception desk that moved your staffers’ workflows upwards, you could solve this problem through better utilization of the vertical plane.

Contemporary corner reception desks are another good option for those who want to dramatically cut down on how much floor space is used by the reception area. Creatively positioning one of these desks can help to seriously change the way that a place looks while also turning wasted space into a usable area. Take a few moments to think about what bits of flooring are just being wasted at the moment and see if you can’t find a piece of furniture that fits.

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