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KFI Studios office seating and matching furniture for sale. KFI Studios guest chairs, reception seating solutions and more available with free nationwide shipping. Shop best selling KFI Studios products at over 60% off retail. All KFI office tables, chairs, and accessories are available with bulk discount pricing for additional savings. If you'd like assistance selecting new KFI chairs and furniture for your commercial interior, contact us directly at 800-867-1411.

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A comfortable and inviting workspace can help your employees to be more productive. With KFI Studio Furniture from, you can design the perfect office for your employees, and without stretching your budget thin.

This furniture is made from superior-quality materials, and every piece is built to last. In addition, KFI office furnishings are stylish and versatile, so they can be applied in a variety of creative ways.

Below, you’ll find an expansive selection of the most beautiful office tables that boast valuable functionality and competitive price tags. Develop the perfect office setting for your business today.

KFI Office Furniture

KFI Studio Furniture has become a leading name in office furniture because they offer a wide range of products. This provides you with endless options for creating a welcoming and efficient workspace.

From desks to chairs to storage solutions, KFI Studio Furniture has everything you need to create the perfect workspace for your needs. And best of all, at, you can find their exceptional products with exclusive benefits, like free nationwide shipping and prices at 60% off retail.

Furthermore, all KFI office tables, chairs, and accessories are available with bulk discount pricing for additional savings. Is morale and efficiency slipping? Then design for optimal output!

KFI Tables

KFI conference and meeting tables boast exceptional quality and appeal. Their tables are available in a variety of popular sizes and finish options to meet the needs of any space.

For example, this beautiful KFI Midtown Standing Conference Table is available in 10 captivating finishes and with several, practical power options. The unique design allows you to use it as a collaborative workstation or a standing conference table, which makes it perfect for small businesses that are short on space.

Not that it isn’t accommodating. In fact, you can choose a table that is up to 120-inches wide! That way, you can ensure that every team member has a seat at the table.

KFI Seating

At we carry high-quality office chairs from KFI seating. Our selection includes KFI chairs reception, conference room, training, and executive office use. All of the KFI chairs for sale here include free shipping.

For instance, these commercial-quality KFI Jive Low Back Counter Stools are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish, and cost-effective office stool. The stool is easy to clean, stacks up to 5 high, and features an integrated handle for effortless portability.

Best of all, these stools are built from a durable laminate, ensuring they can endure years of use. This KFI seating solution is particularly ideal for your events teams, or for use in any space that is regularly rearranged.

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First impressions are important to your visitors, and KFI’s furniture can help you make a good one. Use comfortable, ergonomic furniture to encourage employees to stay focused and productive.

If you’d like help remodeling your conference room with new office furniture from KFI, reach out to our team today.